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Does your mindet stand between you and financial freedom?

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Do you struggle to make progress on your financial goals?

Maybe you make a little progress but before you know it you’re right back where you began: 

  • Overspending 
  • Using your credit cards 
  • Living paycheck to paycheck

It’s sooo frustrating and confusing! You want to change, but you just can't seem to get it together.

Whenever I hear a story like this one, a lightbulb goes off in my head: "this person has a mindset problem." 

The mindsets are three beliefs that you hold about what it takes to be successful with money. Knowing which mindset is stalling you out makes it possible break through this barrier and make incredible progress, even if you've struggled for years.

Take this quiz to learn exactly which mindset is standing in your way and receive practical tips for how you can make your mindset work FOR you, instead of against you! 

Take the Money Mindset Quiz and learn which mindset is blocking your progress AND how to shift it

  •  Learn how to align your mindset to make massive, unprecedented progress on your debt 
  • Take the quiz to identify the exact mindset that is standing between you and financial freedom
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About Amanda Crowell, PhD

Amanda Crowell is a psychology professor and an improvement coach with a PhD in cognitive psychology. She has worked with schools, companies and individuals nationwide to understand how mindsets affect our ability to change. She is the founder of Powerful Peony ( offering workshops, courses, and personal coaching to demystify change and help people take their dreams seriously.


“Thanks to my work with Amanda, I’ve been able to identify mental road blocks and shift towards a mindset more open to possibility. I’m finding myself acknowledging every step I make towards my vision (even the small ones) and feeling empowered by my actions.”

Geraldine, workshop attendee and coaching client

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